Your best alternative to insurance for affordable care.

For Employers

DenVantage: The dental benefit plan designed to give your small business an affordable alternative to dental insurance.

If you thought you couldn't afford a quality dental plan for your employees, DenVantage can show you how any business can now incorporate dental benefits at a cost you decide. It's not insurance, it's different; it's a membership plan that covers all your employees' preventive dental services to keep them healthier and on the job; plus gives them substantially reduced fees on all other dental care.

Here are the advantages to your business:

  • Keep your competitive edge when hiring and maintain employee loyalty by including dental care in your benefit package.
  • A healthier workforce is more productive.
  • DenVantage ensures that you only pay for actual services provided
  • The cost to your business per employee is flexible, affordable and completely predictable
  • Unlike dental insurance, if your employee doesn’t use the plan, you don’t pay
  • You choose how much of the membership fee your business pays vs. how much the employee pays
  • Easy to implement; no waiting period. Your employees will be covered immediately when you sign up

Here are some of the Advantages your employees will enjoy:

  • It's not insurance; no third party; no red tape
  • Affordable predictable cost
  • No waiting period
  • No deductible ever
  • No annual maximum
  • No claim forms, no claims to be denied, no stalled payments
  • No pre-authorizations
  • Choice of coverage to fit your employees' needs
  • Your employee will know the exact cost of care before treatment
  • Your employee will choose their treatment without third party interference
  • No excluded services: Includes benefits for all dental services provided in the participating dentist’s office including cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, implants and other services usually not included in dental insurance plans

DenVantage gives your employees what they want from an insurance plan without the disadvantages: affordable membership (fully or partially paid by your business), fully covered preventive care, and lower cost for all other non-preventive dentistry without exclusions.

Ready to add a dental plan to your benefit package? Want to move away from expensive dental insurance that makes you pay for even your employees who don't make use of it? Click here to contact us to find out how you can join DenVantage.